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Since 2003, we have been proud to be serving customers like you, who are in search of the best the Earth can offer in order to help you feel the best you've ever felt. Through three decades of research and consulting with numerous nutritionists and vegetarian specialists we have gathered the best products to develop your natural energy and health, your natural zing. We continue to search for and only offer the highest quality foods the earth can provide - living, vegan, organic, or wild crafted foods that result in improved vitality. Several of our staff members have been 90 - 100% raw for a few to many years and can help you with your transition, lifestyle and advanced questions. Our journey towards better health continues.

Natural Zing is a family owned business that is owned and managed by the same founder that started the business in 2003 after changing to a raw vegan diet a couple years earlier. He manages the operation with the same passion in which it was started those many years ago and is a big advocate of regular exercise and fitness.

Leading this specialty food sector, Natural Zing offers over 1,500 raw organic vegan selections that are "good for you and the Earth"TM. We pride ourselves on offering reasonable prices, fast delivery, and knowledgeable customer care representatives.

Natural Zing is a Green America certified green business. We use 100% recycled paper for our office and warehouse printers, recycled boxes, and biodegradable packing materials. Natural Zing is located in a green building using solar and other green technologies. Our catalog and several of our product labels are printed on 100% recycled paper using a vegetable-based ink. Read more about our many other green initiatives and our green practices below.

Natural Zing has worked in partnership with indigenous communities and some rural small farmers to develop better products that are "good for you and the Earth"TM. During that time we have supported the training of small farmers in organic agriculture pilot projects, which encourages small farmers to change from conventional to organic growing practices. These small farmers earn even higher standards than just organic and sustainable methods that not only sustain their families with a better than “fair trade” wage, but support the natural environment. We continue to seek organic farmer with high quality products, some are small US farmers some are in different parts of the world.

We continue to support sustainable agriculture projects, sustainable agriculture education and nutrition education for adults and children.

We hope that you enjoy the products you purchase and the information you find. And most importantly we hope your life is filled with natural zing.

Peace, Love and Joy,

Natural Zing

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NaturalZing.blogspot.com - official blog with recipes, specials, articles, product reviews, employment opportunities and more.

Environmental Action Statement

Code Of Ethics


Environmental Action Statement

We support the future for all life and the Earth by being a green company in many ways. We appreciate customers who endorse green business. Thank you.

Here is a summary of our practices:

1. Purchase recycled and recyclable products. Support environmentally friendly suppliers. Use paper with post consumer waste content and hemp or flax when possible. Reuse boxes and packing collected from local businesses.

2. Choose recyclable, reusable plastic (high value hdpe and pete) and glass bottles.

3. Use recycled materials in shipping and packing material. Recycle or shred junk mail and used office paper to reuse as packing material and reduce consumption.

4. Maintain source separation of paper and trash. Reduce disposable waste.

5. Generate public awareness for environmental action through literature and seminars. Promote ecological food production.

6. Sell only products that are best for the environment and human health, organic, vegan, living ingredients. In our own products we only use all raw organic vegan ingredients unless otherwise indicated and only pure filtered water when needed.

7. Periodically evaluating our operations and products and moving towards "best" green practices.

8. Natural Zing uses 100% recycled paper for its office and printers (e.g. receipts, packing slips, letters and shipping documents). Natural Zing recycles boxes and uses mainly plant based water soluble green packing materials.

9. Natural Zing uses mostly solar power for its main warehouse and this solar power also provides some power to our operational offices. Natural Zing used wind power the the power choice program to power the rest of its power. The main warehouse is has a passive solar design which significally reduces the power needed and utilizes many other green technologies.

10. Partners with UPS to use there "Carbon Neutral Shipping Program".

Our Code Of Ethics

Product Safety. We will take all responsible efforts to ensure that our products are safe and beneficial for our customers. We will provide only those foods, food supplements and other products that adhere to the product safety standards we have developed. We will not knowingly supply those foods or substances that contain harmful chemical food additives or artificial ingredients.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). For our own products we will adhere to the GMP which we have developed to bring the highest quality products to the customer.

Product Labeling. We will make only accurate, truthful and substantiated information on the health and nutritional benefits of our products. We will provide full disclosure of all ingredients on our product labels, in a format consistent with government regulations. We will not engage in false and misleading advertising. We will only engage in marketing practices that are accurate and truthful.

Environmental Conduct. We will use, whenever possible, recycled or recyclable products in promotion, packing and packaging. We will support all practices that protect the environment, safeguard resources and improve the quality of life. We will promote ecological food production, protection of the biosphere, sustainable use of natural resources and environmental restoration.

Natural Zing endorses CERES Principles

Natural Zing will soon consider joining a group of socially responsible business to affirm a code of environmental conduct. We will promote:

· Protection of the biosphere
· Sustainable use of natural resources
· Reduction and disposal of wastes
· Energy conservation
· Risk reduction
· Safe products and services
· Environmental restoration

Natural Zing is a raw food, organic food, vegan food and health products retailer. Natural Zing carries food, juicers, yoga products, books, videos and other great products.
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